Debate Activities

Debate Academy

At Debate Academy you will receive expert tuition on debating from some of the best Trainers in the country. You will get the chance to discuss world issues, sharpen your analytical, reasoning and public speaking skills, and spar with other students from all over the world in competitive debates.

  • People Trained
  • Students
  • Judges
  • Coaches
  • Trainning Regional Debates

Champions League

A great place for the National Champions to debate against each other
Sit and watch the Champions debate as each tries to own the sheild.

National Schools Debate Championship

The National Schools Debate Championship (NSDC) is Uganda’s first, biggest and most prestigious debate championship for secondary schools. The championship organised by National Debate Council Uganda (NDC) in partnership with the Parliament of Uganda been happening since 2009 starting small with just over 20 teams