About Us

National Debate Council Uganda (NDC) is a platform for all young Ugandans to add their voice to the national conversation through the celebrated art of speech and debate. We believe in debate as a tool that will transform young people with budding talent into the leaders we wish to see. Through teaching research, public speech and teamwork, our young generation is being prepared to spur [trigger] a future that solely belongs to them. It is our pronounced hope to see confident, well read and articulate leaders in all spheres.

NDC is Uganda’s first and biggest debate organisation and organisers of Uganda’s premier debate event; National Schools Debate Championship. Other programs include the Speech & Debate Academies, National Junior Schools Debate Championship & Uganda Debate Champions League.

Our Vision
Debate for Active citizenship

Our Mission
To promote active citizenship, responsible leadership, good governance & accountability through debate, civic education and public engagement.

Our Core Values

Voluntarism & Teamwork